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One Time Deal: Enchanted Garden Light

One Time Deal: Enchanted Garden Light

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Important Information

240 x 165 x 130 mm
240 x 115 x 155 mm
240 x 165 x 260 mm
240 x 165 x 390 mm
230 x 120 x 160 mm


1. Star-shaped shower room lights: with artistic lights, you can create your dream city, give people a fairy-tale beauty, and make your garden full of fairy-tale sunshine.
2. Intelligent light control: turn on the switch before the first use, and the light will be turned on automatically at night, which is simple and convenient to operate.
3. High-quality LED lights: The warm white LED lights are hung on the delicate copper wire, and the breeze brings movement. The shimmering water-like effect creates a unique focal point in your dark garden and makes your garden unique.
4. Easy to install: just connect the knob to the plunger, then hang the shower lamp on the hook and insert it into the grass. No need to connect cables or quick installation.
5. Application: Starlight is not only suitable for daily home or garden decoration but also can be used for weddings and parties to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.


Material: Iron
Solar panel: Polycrystalline: 2V 120mah
Battery: 1.2V AA 600mah
LEDs Number: 36 silver wire lights
Light color: warm light
Remarks: The bracket is foldable, and the hook is facing outwards. When you receive it, you need to put the light in.

Size Information:

A: Bracket + Kettle + Lamp,
Kettle 21*9.5*15cm
Insert rod 15.5*0.8*80cm
B: Kettle + Lamp
Kettle 21*9.5*15cm

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